Premium Asset Management using Blockchain technology

We are long term vision Web3 strategists, focused on assisting responsible brands that are careful about branding and customer experiences.

While most responsible businesses are on the sideline of the NFT and Web3 landscape, PROJECT MIDAS aims to help our partners launch Web3 projects, so your company remains at the forefront of your industry. We utilize blockchain technology (NFTs, Tokens, and POAPs), in addition to leveraging e-commerce, social media, traditional marketing and best retail practices.
We lead heritage brands to merge traditional business practices to Web3. We advise and curate all web3 programs which leads to additional revenue and consumer streams for your business. All the while establishing your brand messaging with a customized Web3 / metaverse experience.
PROJECT MIDAS is looking to partner with like-minded brands and businesses as the outsourced chief web3 advisor. We plan, produce, and guide our partners through the possibilities of web3 and the metaverse.
Services Include
We build Web3 compliant websites, minting pages, and offer site maintenance – everything you need to launch and sell your NFT.
Create your custom Project Roadmap to manage the launch of your NFT.
NFT Brand Identity - Including logo, brand guide, art creation, and art review.
Discord community growth and moderation.
Social Media Management (Instagram and Twitter) or work with your brand team to ensure all messaging is aligned.
Creation of marketing and education materials about the project and how to mint/purchase the NFT.
Development of smart contracts and deployment onto the blockchain.
OpenSea Integration for post minting secondary sales.